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Acupuncture has improved the quality of my life!

This has been my first experience with acupuncture. I am a 60 year young man with chronic neck, shoulder, lower back, hip pain along with heel bone spur. Prior to boarding this cruise I have been to orthopedic doctors for the past 6 weeks for treatments to alleviate the pain. I had X-rays, MRI to pin point areas in back, hip and foot for bone spur. Received epidural injection in back, steroid pack for bone spur, and cortisone injection in hip, all for little to no help. After meeting with Pamela Murphy on ship I scheduled 5 acupuncture sessions; after third session I am not having any lower back or hip pain and my shoulder is feeling better. she worked on heel area during fourth session due to up coming walking excursion. I am happy to say I was able to climb rocks and much walking with no pain. Acupuncture has improved the quality of my life! Thank you!

Mark Pritchett, Serenade of the Seas

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