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I really hate needles!

My trainer found Pam and referred me to her to try dry needling for my shoulder pain. I really hate needles, and acupuncture has not been very effective for me in the past. But Pam worked her magic and fixed me up in just a few sessions. I spent three months not being able to sleep at night without a

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Thank you Pam!!

Pam is a gem, a real “find.” She is very knowledgeable, expertly trained and her caring approach made my acupuncture treatment a delight. (I am very relaxed now!) Thank you Pam!! Dawn Ortell, Ovation of the Seas

I highly and unreservedly recommend Pamela’s professional skills

I am 67 years old. Registered disabled eight years with chronic ischemia, degenerative arthritis in the whole skeleton, exostosis, heel spurs, claw feet, unstable angina, enlarged prostate, plus other related health issues. I have had 3 major operations for cancer and only partial use of my left hand. I have used mobility aids for 8 years and a wheel chair

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My energy was back and my sinus passages were clear

This was my first experience with acupuncture. I had a head cold on our 4th night of the cruise. I spoke with ship’s acupuncturist Pamela Murphy and booked an appointment. I did not know what kind of relief I would get, but I left with minimum symptoms, my energy was back and my sinus passages were clear. I could not

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