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I highly and unreservedly recommend Pamela’s professional skills

I am 67 years old. Registered disabled eight years with chronic ischemia, degenerative arthritis in the whole skeleton, exostosis, heel spurs, claw feet, unstable angina, enlarged prostate, plus other related health issues. I have had 3 major operations for cancer and only partial use of my left hand. I have used mobility aids for 8 years and a wheel chair daily for the past 18 months. I ingest 17 tablets each day and use a synthetic morphine twice each day, I have not walked more than 100 yards for more than 2 years.
Following a planned program of acupuncture with Pamela Murphy I can now walk using only one walking stick, breath naturally, have experienced reduced pain, better quality sleep and believe my drug regime will be drastically reduced in consultation with my physician. I highly and unreservedly recommend Pamela’s professional skills. I will always be grateful for her work and patience and the miraculous progress I have made during a cruise from 4th to 15th December 2017.

Rodger Dodson, Serenade of the Seas

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