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Immediately began to ease the pain and discomfort

A recent back injury left my lower back and hips in so much pain it was to the point where I couldn’t turn over in bed. After seeking help from several avenues I was told to give acupuncture a try. While skeptical of how effective it would be I made a next day appointment with Pam Murphy LAc. and after a thorough assessment and discussion we began with cupping then acupuncture. The cupping immediately began to ease the pain and discomfort I was in while the acupuncture was an incredible relief to the tension and stress I was carrying. The combination left me with a significantly larger range of motion and sustained reduced pain. It was the only thing to really provide some relief and improvement to allow myself to begin healing. I was blown away by how much progress we made in a short period of time thanks to Pam’s gentle hands and kind heart. The herbs that she prescribed were both effective and gentle on my stomach. I’ve continued to see her as often as I can, with significant relief every time.

Stephanie, Incline Village

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