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Acupuncture has improved the quality of my life!

This has been my first experience with acupuncture. I am a 60 year young man with chronic neck, shoulder, lower back, hip pain along with heel bone spur. Prior to boarding this cruise I have been to orthopedic doctors for the past 6 weeks for treatments to alleviate the pain. I had X-rays, MRI to pin point areas in back,

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Chronic migraine headaches

I’ve suffered from chronic migraine headaches daily for three years. I decided to try acupuncture while onboard. After the first treatment, the following day my migraine headache disappeared. I scheduled treatment for every day or the rest of the cruise.

Dr. Murphy was very knowledgeable about Chinese Medicine and she was able to pin-point the source of my problems at

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Immediately began to ease the pain and discomfort

A recent back injury left my lower back and hips in so much pain it was to the point where I couldn’t turn over in bed. After seeking help from several avenues I was told to give acupuncture a try. While skeptical of how effective it would be I made a next day appointment with Pam Murphy LAc. and after

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She has given me relief and rejuvenation

I have thoroughly enjoyed Pamela’s treatments and she has given me relief and rejuvenation during the last several months.

A competent acupuncturist is difficult to find and we are lucky to have such a marvelous clinic in our tiny town… Even if you think your health is “fine”, go in for a tune up and it will change your definition

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